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I saw Flying Ninja Cows.

4th May, 2008. 3:01 pm. Cat's Aren't clean, they're just covered in cat spit.

"And I'll be everything that I wanna be, I have confidence in insecurity. I am a voice yet waiting to be heard, I shoot the shot BANG that you hear round the world..." ~'One Girl Revolution' Superchi(k)

I'm sitting here, eating cold macaroni, and thinking, "Ok Naoki, tommorow's Monday; what are you going to get in a fight with -name censored because I'm paranoid beyond all belief- for this time?" And I just realized, I don't WANT to get in a gight with her over something tommorow. I'm tired of having a stupid Vendetta against he saince before Chirstmas. So, I'm not going to fight with her. It's atually that simple. Amazing!

On another note, the plot bunnies have breed despite my handing out of free protection. Well...I kinda threw it at them, but still. So...I think I'ma gonna post that story here, seeing as it's not quite fanfiction. HOWEVAH, it's gonna be friends only because, really people, am I gonna let just anyone look at my original stories??? No. And if you answered yes, I shall SMITE YOU with my uber powers of fangirl-ism. Why yes, I do have uber powers of fangirl-ism. they were injected into me during my brief stay at the  evil, secret, Russian government facility. 

I love cats.
~~~Naoki OUT~~~

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30th March, 2008. 12:08 am. All you need is one good Trip the pill train

"The sky is now tired of watching the rain fall, and every day that passes was like the one before..." ~Shakira "Inevitable" translated by me

It seems like people get off by being monotonous these days. What ever happened to Originality, Impetuousness, Spontaneity, or just plain 'ol being yourself?!? I mean, it's like we're sheep being herded around by the sheperds we call our bosses and teachers and leaders. Even worse is that some people don't have sheperds but do what everyone elce does anyway!!! 
I want to just shake the world while shouting, "WAKE UP, BETCH!!" for about an hour! 
Even the true originals will only be so for about a week before the "Kayleen Effect" takes place and someone latches on to your individuality, sucks it dry for all it was worth, then dismembers it and puts it back together in hideous ways that make you want to take an EXACTO-knife to someone's jugular.
I'd like to see that, my vice-principal getting high. It would be priceless!!!
Nah, what the world doesn't need is drugs. All it needs is more fangirls. Just a bit more, I swear the world will be at least a hyper-er place. No real wars, the spreading of manical anime-laden love, awesome t-shirts, I think I could learn to live like that!
~Naoki out~

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23rd March, 2008. 5:53 pm. Starting on the right foot by starting whith my wit

"Hello little boys, little toys..." ~ Shiny Toy guns, "Le Disko"

Hello all, as I write this I can think of so many things to say...so I'll just say the most important one:
Just 'cause I'm crazy does not mean I'm an idiot. 'Kay? 
You all got that? Good, I expect no remarks on my I.Q and/or literacy from this point forward unless you make it specifically clear you don't mean it. I reserve the right to chew you out in two languages otherwise.

So, from me you can expect rants, reviews, raves, and the occational ficlet. I usualy have something to say and I'll be dammed if I don't say it at one point.

That's enough for the introductions right? Right. Anything else you need, lookie at my profile.

~Naoki out.~

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